SA Operations Manual

The overall goal of Special Agent activity is to maintain the Wanted list of London criminals at the lowest level possible (dream goal zero!) in conjunction with the New Metropolitan Police.

To achieve this SA's will:

  • Make constant use of this site (The Arsehole Register or AR for short)
  • Actively look for potential arrests in each city they visit.
  • Update the AR with their planned movements over the next week.
  • Be very aware and respectful of colleagues who have already stated they will be in a city that week before you plan your movements.
  • Update the AR by removing arrested criminals from each city list once visited and adding their name to the last visited by space for the city.
  • Where time permits also hunt for Stealthy criminals in each city they visit
  • Stealthy arrests should be celebrated with the team in London's Forum for Justice.
  • The same forum should also be used to interact with your colleagues, have fun and alert everyone to relevant news.
  • Make use of the InterPopoPol forum to identify stealthy Criminals in the city they are in.

The Chief Justice will work to ensure the AR is kept updated which will include being very grateful for team involvement in transferring information and taking action against SA's who don't fulfil the needs of working for the prestigious City London is.

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