SA Operations Manual

The overall goal of Special Agent activity is to maintain the Wanted list of London criminals at the lowest level possible (dream goal zero!) in conjunction with the New Metropolitan Police.

To achieve this SA's will:

  • Make constant use of this site (The Arsehole Register or AR for short)
  • Actively look for potential arrests in each city they visit.
  • Be very aware and respectful of colleagues who have already stated they will be in a city that week before you plan your movements.
  • Where time permits also hunt for Stealthy criminals in each city they visit
  • Stealthy arrests should be celebrated with the team in London's Forum for Justice.
  • The same forum should also be used to interact with your colleagues, have fun and alert everyone to relevant news.
  • Make use of the Special Agents World Wide forum (If you have a share) to identify stealthy Criminals in the city they are in.
  • Do NOT use InterPopoPol it's now riddled with Criminals, return any shares you have to Tara.

The Chief Justice will work to ensure the AR is kept updated which will include being very grateful for team involvement in transferring information and taking action against SA's who don't fulfil the needs of working for the prestigious City London is.

To hunt for stealthy characters the best way I've found is:

  • Have 2 Popo windows open
  • View the characters present in a locale in one window WITHOUT moving there.
  • Move there in the other window so you can identify who the unknown characters are
  • Click on the now known Someone's to see if they're wanted
  • If they are wanted get a rush of blood as you check whether they are wanted in London
  • For locales with only a few people in just remember who the Someones are next to in the list before moving there
  • If you find a stealthy wanted in London make the arrest and tell the team to celebrate how brilliant you are!
  • For locales with more than 2,000 characters present (e.g. Ankara Hospital) the only way to do it is to move there and review London's wanted list looking for someone who is in the same location as you. Find one that way and get a massive rush of blood!

Experience tells me that Hospitals, Parks, Hotels, Grave yards, Bus Stations and Airports are the best places to search but they could be in any localeā€¦

Finding Stealthy Characters
This where an Agent truly becomes special!

Band activity is a relatively easy way of working out where a character will be and when. Make sure however that band plans are current and fresh, just because a bus is in Ankara doesn't mean any of the band are there.

Relationships can also create leads and show exact whereabouts recently from diary entries.

Homes, friend lists and tribe membership can also provide leads.

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