Melbourne has Laws in place restricting SA access as follows:
1. A city will be allowed arresting powers in Melbourne for its special agents on the condition that its Chief Justice accept the following terms.
2. Special agents, while operating in Melbourne, will not arrest anyone wanted only for crimes rated below severity level 4 by Melbourne.
3. Special agents, while operating in Melbourne, may arrest fugitives who are wanted for crimes rated below severity level 4 if the fugitive in question has more than four outstanding charges against him or her for the same crime from the city of the special agent's employment.
4. A special agent who arrests a fugitive whose wanted status does not satisfy the aforementioned criteria will be considered to have arbitrarily detained said fugitive, and will be guilty of civil disobedience.
5. A city whose special agents repeatedly violate the aforementioned conditions may, at the discretion of the government of Melbourne, have its privilege to make arrests in Melbourne suspended, even if the responsible Chief Justice has already agreed to these conditions.

Vandalism, Civil Disobedience, Smuggling, Debt and Handling Stolen Goods are their below severity 4 crimes.
I've written to Melbourne accepting their terms for when we do need it, but there are rarely London criminals there so my advice to you all is don't bother. TJ - 6th Jan '08

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